A Walk in the Desert + Repost



Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


A sunny afternoon in the Namib Desert. As soon as we arrived at our accommodation I went out to find suitable compositions for nightscape shots.
As you can see I failed to focus on the night shooting. Most of the time I had my camera with the telephoto lens in my hand… ready to shoot the interesting granite rocks illuminated by the afternoon sun.
And it is unbelievable in which places small trees grow.

By the way, the white substance is the excrement of Rock Hyrax. These cute little critters were everywhere.

Specific Feedback

I liked this little tree that was lit by the sun. But is it interesting enough for a nice photograph?
As always, every feedback is welcome!

Technical Details


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This is such a Rock Hyrax I mentioned in my post.

Interesting for a nice photography? Absolutely, I like it and would welcome it on my wall.


I can see from your image and imagine you having a field day with the rock formations and seeking out these intimate portraits - from the broader landscape.

Excellent job all the way around with this one. The square crop and setting the little tree just off center workds beautifully. The light and processing handled perfectly as well. I can’t think of anything to suggest for improvement. I’m not sure if you added, but I think maybe a little vignetting could work as an alternate consideration. Minor thought.

Terrfic nature store - despite not having any context for the broader environment. Excellent!, great eye and presented image.


It’s a lovely photo. Perhaps a bit of a vignette, especially on the right side to keep the eye in the middle.

I really love the Rock Hyrax photo, though! What a characterful critter. Those teeth and that expression! He looks nice and fuzzy, but ready to rip your head off. Nice composition, too.

Both pictures are great examples of your skill. I agree with the idea of
@Lon_Overacker and @Bonnie_Lampley regarding the vignetting. The sharp detail on the little hyrax is especcially eye catching against the dark background.

@Teep @Lon_Overacker @Bonnie_Lampley @Barbara_Djordjevic
Thank you all for your feedback and your kind comments.

I will try your suggestion with the vignette.

:rofl: Oh yes. This is hilarious. He seems to have been the guard and never took his eyes off me. :rofl:

Jens I like very much the play of the shadows on the rocks that creats a direction in the photo. The little tree seems to pop out from the dark cave. Lovely image.

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Unusual and wonderful image!! Good ideas about vignetting – nothing I can add except to say I’m glad you escaped unharmed!

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@Giuseppe_Guadagno @Diane_Miller
Thank you very much for your feedback. I appreciate that.

Yes, these critters are creepy. Especially in the night when you hear them fight but you are not able to see them :rofl:

Am I the only one who thinks that rock hyrax looks like buff, pissed off pika? :joy:

As for the image, I enjoy the simplicity of it. The light is gorgeous. Wonderful simple pattern created by the intersections of the boulders and nice texture in the granite. Beautiful.

The tree shot is very well done. It’s amazing how plants can grow in the most inhospitable places.

Jens, My, those Rock Hyrax are the exact color of the rock, hence they didn’t show up a more than dots in your image. Wonderful composition. This looks just like the rock at Uluru in Australia.
Terrific image. Congratulations.

Well seen, Jens! I love Namibia, so I am partial to the rocky landscapes there. This is very nice and I agree with others about a slight vignette for the right side to be toned so we are held in the core of the picture more. And I like your Hyrax, too! They are so fun to photograph amidst the rocks. So curious about us, too. Love this one with the teeth showing a bit. nicely isolated from the darker background of the ‘cave’.