Sony A77II
Minolta 200mmm macro
ISO 400, 1/100 @ f16
This has always been my favorite rose in our garden. We had a good soaking rain last night and this morning and I liked how this bloom was framed by the buds. All comments welcome.>=))>

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I can see why it is your favorite, Bill, as it is gorgeous. The rain drops really add to it. Great detail. Only nit I have, and let the more experienced chip in here, as I could be wrong, is the top bud seems a bit close to the edge, leading my eye out of the frame, and right next to that bud, is the brightest part of your background, which I find a tiny bit distracting. Nice colors and detail in the rose, the buds and the stems, and a great shot as it is. I would be proud to call it my shot!

Shirley: Thanks for the feedback. The top is a little tight and I think I could have given it more room. As for the bright BG stem I did burn that down quite a bit but may have to knock it down some more.

It’s still a great photo, Bill. I didn’t know if maybe you had cropped it tight, or if you had dulled down the brightness already. Should have known, as you seem to know far more about this kind of thing than I do! The colors and detail, and like said, the buds framing the blossom, just really make this shot.

Bill, that a lovely mix of colors in this rose. Rain always has a cleaning effect, that shows well with the saturated colors in this view. You’ve got a fine cluster of buds, bloom and raindrops here.

Bill, the closeness of the bud doesn’t bother me overall. The entire subject fits well in the frame you have chosen, which is more important to me. I do think you could darken further the upper third of the photo about a full step.

A beautiful rose!

*BTW, I changed your title to Abundance from Abudnance. I got to thinking you may have been doing that deliberately, as a play on words. If so, by all means change it back.:grin: *

Phil: Indeed I was being tricky. About the limit of my creativity.

Pretty arrangement, Bill. I had to do a double take on the title. Yeah, that top bud needs more breathing room.

Did think you’d misspelt your title till I looked at the image, Bill - very witty !! Superb image -so delightful to see the buds given such prominence in the composition and to excellent effect.