Acorn Woodpecker with his stash of acorns embedded in Oak Tree

waited for a couple of hours before I could get an action shot of woodpecker landing with very harsh lighting

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general feedback

Technical Details

Sony A1 with Sony 600 f4 GM lens at f 4 and 1/2000 sec and ISO1000


Nice capture here, @Larry_Moskovitz, with good details in the bird. I’m also enjoying seeing his stash of acorns. My one nit is the brightness of the foreground tree. If you could burn that down a bit, it would be less of a distraction to me. But still, a really nice capture.

The detail in the woodpecker and even the acorns is really impressive. Very nice capture. Worth waiting for.

Larry, this is a very nice photo. The acorns stashed in the tree adds interest. I’ve never seen acorns stashed like that. The woodpecker is sharp and I like where you caught the position of the wings. I would have waited for that shot too. I have to agree with @terryb that I think darkening down the foreground tree would help. Great job!

Hi Larry,

A very nice pose and burning in the OOF tree trunk will help the comp. I think that you could cut back on the sharpening just a tad as the woodpecker is very sharp. Not the most ideal comp, but nature stiull provided you with a wonderful shot. Well done…Jim

Very cool, Larry. I really like the landing pose of the woodpecker. I agree with Jim that the woodpecker and sharp parts of the tree look just a bit too sharp, but a fine image as posted.

Great catch! I have a hard time faulting this for being too sharp as I don’t see obvious sharpening artifacts, but it could be worth revisiting the balance of NR and sharpening. The is a bit of tonal flatness in the body and underwing that might be dialed down? I agree about the FG tree, although it could be a balancing act to tone it down. An excellent image worth a bit of fiddling.

Great capture, Larry. As has already been mentioned, I would burn that foreground tree on the right as it catches the eye. The detail in the bird is really good but you might also want to add some contrast to the underwings as they seem too bright to me. Love all of the acorns stuffed into that tree trunk. If I’m being really nitpicky, you could also burn some of the brighter twigs in the background. Glad you waited for this one Larry.