All Mind Update 1

Specific Feedback Requested

I did a square crop on this one. I like the way the bee is posed and she has a good size load. There is a lot of yellow in the photo so a little hard to see the subject. Any ideas how I can help this photo. Thought about adding more contrast t the bee.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D Canon 180 Macro 1/200 F/11 iso 400 Bright sunny day

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Oh she’s a lovely girl and needs to bring her treasure back to the hive. What a load!

You might try a radial filter around the bee and reduce the bg saturation and/or exposure. Or a brush on each petal to accomplish the same.

Nice capture. The details are very good even at the biggest enlargement.

Dean, this looks very good as presented. The square crop fits well (although just a bit more space on the left and right is worth a look). I’m amazed at how much of the closer wing is missing. Those red stamen are a nice benefit.

Dean, this is a fine look at this little bee. I like that there is so much yellow. The square crop works well for me. I agree with @Mark_Seaver that a bit more room on both sides might improve the image even more. Nice image with great details.

Thanks @Kris_Smith , @Mark_Seaver , and @Shirley_Freeman. I still had the crop saved in LRC so I gave the edges more space. Also added just a tiny bit of contrast to just the bee.

Dean, I like this. I think you improved this already nice image.

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