Another dahlia

The dahlias are having their last hurrah. Many are starting to wither and become spotted. This one was of the few remaining gloriously beautiful ones. It really was this vibrant: the colors are pretty close to the original. This one was shot on a tripod using my Canon 100-400 II at 350 mm, f/16, 1/250, ISO 800 (for a fast shutter speed to stop the motion from the wind). Shot late afternoon under the fog. As usual, any comments or suggestions are welcome.


Another beauty Tony. Really like the somewhat unique colors here. And given the season quickly approaching, I’d call these a modified “candy corn” hue… :wink:

No nits or suggestions. The crop is comfortable and appropriate I think.


Tony: I’ve been a bit tardy on commenting so my apologies for not remarking on your wonderful image. I especially like the way you managed the whites in the petal tips and the overall color palette and comp. :+1::+1:>=))>

Thanks for the comments. Shooting close up dahlias is almost a no brainer. They are so colorful and the patterns are amazing. The only real choice is the crop.

How did I miss this? It’s so energetic. Your crop/framing is perfect; it’s difficult to decide which tips to cut off, isn’t it?

The crop decision for me is easy. I shoot a lot of this particular type of dahlia. I just put the unopened blossoms in the center and then make as large a selection as I can, until I run out of dahlia.