More dahlias

Does this crop work?


Works for me. I like the visual tension of having the center of the flower towards the edge and pointing out of the frame. It’s balanced by the darker petals pointing the other direction. Lovely.

I think I’m going to find some dahlias this weekend, in Mendocino County. Tis the season!

Beautiful Macro shot! I like the crop, if i was to try something different I might move the Corolla maybe down and towards the middle a hair. That said I think it works.

Hi Tony,
I guess I am more traditional in that I like the center of the flower pointing into the frame rather than out of it. It’s very beautifully rendered, despite that personal preference.

Do you have another comp which includes the petal’s points in the upper portion of the flower and/or more room on the left which allows more of the center to show? The flower and technical processing are fine, but as an alternative I would like more of the flower’s center to be included. Personal taste only.

Very nice, Tony. I am pulled between. When I first opened the image, I was wanting the center of the flower not facing the edge. The more I looked at the image, the more I liked it. I think it is personal taste. I try not to let the “rules” rule me all the time, and I think this is one of those times. Like Bonnie mentioned, it seems balanced with the darker petals pointing the other direction. Anyway, I like this image as it is, but if you have one with the center not facing so close to the edge, you might could do a repost with it, and see how it compares. Wonderful colors and details. I am wondering, is this stacked?


Beautifully capture, processed and presented. Honestly, my first impression was similar to Shirley’s and perhaps others. The “don’t step out of the box” paradigm can’t understand why the main subject (or perceived, learned) is crammed near the edge and pointing out of the frame…

But we all must expand our minds and resist the “rules.” The progression or expansion of the pedals as they grow with the expanding frame is now the main subject; as well as the transitioning of colors and luminosity. This is quite beautiful if one expands their own paradigms (me.)

The only thing perhaps would be to have that center of the flower (part name? clueless) centered in the UL quadrant - moved/cropped ever so slightly differently. But then again, that is moving it back towards some kind of standard? Regardless of position, perhaps just a skosh more room on the left.

Otherwise, kudos for a bold crop. And the square works quite well here.


Thanks for the comments. I can’t find more of the original. Here is another to play with your “wait, this isn’t presented in the usual manner” response:

Tony: Love the color palette and light especially. I’m very OK with the center facing out of the frame but do wish it had a little more room left. Another frame filler. :+1::+1:>=))>

Looks good from here. I like this as presented. Well done. What variety is this? …Jim

Sorry, don’t know what variety.