Approaching Mount Drum

As you approach Glenallen from Anchorage you are confronted with this amazing view of Mount Drum (if the weather allows). Even after seeing this view literally hundreds of times in all seasons I still stop and take photos. In this case it was the middle of winter and approximately -30° F. I walked out to the middle of the road to get a symmetrical shot so that the shoulder lines would mimic the shoulder lines of the mountain. The mountain is roughly 60 miles away from this point.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is appreciated

Technical Details

Sony a6500, FE70200-f/2.8GM @ 200mm, ISO-100, f/8.0, 1/80, hand held (with freezing fingers!).


Boy, this is both stunning and beautiful @Gary_Minish! I would want to just stand there for a long time (cold fingers permitting) and stare at this immense, powerful scene. Bravo!

I agree with your symmetry effort here, Gary. The centered road, the balanced trees and that huge mountain look great. I also like the subtleness of the lighting, which adds a hint of mystery to the view.

Wow, this is a really impressive mountain. Great shot!
Also great is the fact, that after seeing this so often this view still touches you. It would be sad if we’d become indifferent for beauty, simply because the scene is well-known.


Beautiful, Gary. I agree totally with the previous comments, and the symmetry, subtle tones, and muted colours give me a real sense of calm and peacefulness. Love it. Cheers.

All said above – glorious! I’d love to see a portfolio of this view in dozens of different lighting conditions!

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Wow, what a beautiful shot! I love the centered composition here and the nice soft light.

Fabulous image Gary! Well-balanced and great leading lines to the star of the shot.

Gary, what a scene. Perfectly captured in even such temperatures! I can’t imagine having a scene like this that you get to see often.

That’s lovely, Gary. I recognized that view immediately!! I think it actually looks better like this, in wintertime. The quality of the light in this is gorgeous! The detail in the large version is great.
I also see those frost heaves on the highway!!
Well done!