Autumn On Mill Creek

Although it’s been a few years now since my past annual trips to the eastern sierras I still recall the unending photo ops during the autumn season. One of my favorite locales is the Lundy Canyon area. There are fall scenes throughout the canyon with areas west of the main lake and also east below the dam area for numerous photo opportunities overall.
This scene was photographed below the dam along the Mill Creek section of the canyon.

Wista DXIII 4x5 - Schneider APO 210mm lens - Velvia 50 QL

Very nice, Paul! I like the contrast between the softened water and the sharply detailed vegetation. I think the grassy rocks with the leaves are my favorite part.

Paul, I agree with Gary about the soft water and the sharp grassy rocks. The fallen leaves on those rocks remind me of flowers and make a delightful visual journey back to the glowing trees at the back.

This is gorgeous from front to back, Paul. I too like those FG grass covered rocks, but I also like those warm yellow leaves on the BG trees. Great choice on the SS as the water contrasts nicely with the crisp grasses. Great work.

Really like the silky water. Perfect exposure for the flow. The greenery and flowers or leaves accent the scene quite well. Very nice.