Back to the city Eagles

It seams house keeping never ends. These Eagles first cleaned up the stick in the nest and then came back with this grass to line the nest with. We can see one hatchling and maybe in a couple of weeks it will be strong enough perch on some of the evergreens branches. This shot was taken on May 1 at 8:50 AM. Thank you for stopping by.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon R5, Canon 100-500mm & 1.3ext, f10, 508mm, 1/2000, -.7EV, I 640 and the shot is cropped by 50%.
I work on the midtones, shadows, gamma, contrast and saturation in DXO Photo Lab 5.

Whoa! That is a nice filler for a straw mattress! Very nice shot, too – sharp with great tonal work and nice sky color!

Your eagles don’t mess around with one paltry stick. The open mouth and clump of sticks make this an ideal shot. Well done…Jim

Very cool, Peter. I don’t recall ever seeing an image of eagles carrying straw like this. Nicely composed and good detail and exposure.