Bald eagle with catch

Last week I managed to get some great photos of Osprey with fish, but this week I managed to get a sequence of photos of this Bald Eagle with his catch. Well worth the trip out to Conowingo Dam. Even on a foggy rainy day

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comment welcome

Technical Details

Focal length 500mm
iso 3200
exposure 1/1600

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Hi Eduard
Even on a cloudy day it is looks like the white feathers on the Eagle head are hard to keep from clipping. The over all feather detail is great and what looks like a cat fish is a plus. The shot is nicely framed also.

Excellent timing! Lovely wing position and a great view of the unfortunate fish! The whites look OK to me – the tail is maybe right at the edge but in that view it’s probably featureless. I wonder if the Shadows slider could bring up a tiny bit more tonal detail in the darks. The BG is very nice. I would consider lightening the darker wave in the top left with a bit of low-opacity cloning.

Always great to get a bald eagle in the viewfinder. Bonus with the fish. I like the action and the wing position.

I find the overall image to be underexposed, especially the darkest parts of the plumage. I’m sure you could pull more detail from the raw than I did with this jpeg, but here’s an example of where I would go with the image.

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