A juvenile Bald Eagle after the rain finally stopped. The rain in Valdez can be very cold. Sometimes I wonder how the eagles survive!

Sony a6500, FE-100400-GM @ 400mm, ISO-800, f/5.6, 1/500, hand held.

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A wonderful look at this young Bald Eagle, Gary. He looks wet and cold with that wing hanging down. Like us here in NC, he is looking forward to warmer days. I like the little bush he chose for a perch. The oof background is just out of focus enough that we get a sense of his environment but not distracting from the subject. Great shot.

I will echo @Shirley_Freeman’s comments.


Gary, this young eagle sure does look wet and cold. It’s perch and the background add nicely to the story.

Gary: What a wonderful find and a great capture. I’m not a bird guy but this is compelling. Marvelous image. >=))>