Hung Out To Dry

A juvenile Bald Eagle on the first dry morning after a week of cold, heavy rain. There was literally hundreds of them all over the trees, looking just like this one. This one was on a piece of driftwood at the bank of the river so I was able to get much closer for a detailed shot.

Sony a6500, SEL200600G @ 600 mm, ISO-800, f/6.3, 1/640, hand held.

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Oh wow, Gary, this is really nice. I like the position of the eagle, how the wings drupe to the ground. The drift wood mimics the wing feathers with its roots pointed towards the ground. The details in the eagle are really nice. :+1::+1:

Nice pose and excellent detail. How do you like the lens you’re using?

Allen; I’m very happy with the lens so far. It’s sharp and it focuses quite fast plus it zooms internally so it doesn’t lose it’s balance or change it’s length. It’s not that much larger than the 100-400 but it is a little heavier. It’s very friendly with the 1.4 TC which gives me 1260 mm with the crop factor of the a6500. It doesn’t focus as well with the 2.0 TC but when it does focus its quite sharp and that gives me 1800 mm with the crop factor and I can still shoot hand held! It’s not real fast but then it only cost ~ $2000. Its been my go-to lens for wildlife since I got it.

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I like this a lot, Gary. Great pose and foreground and superb detail. the only change I might make is to add a bit of blur to the water-something about its texture is a bit of an eye magnet.