Bee on Foxglove

Now is high season for the foxgloves in Korea. They don’t grow wild here; I grew many from the seeds of a plant bought last year. This small bee was feeding on the inside lining. Many honey-bees were nectaring in the depths.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500 + 105mm macro, 1/500, f18, ISO 640, diffused flash, hand-held
Flower and bee selected in PS, shadows and highlights adjusted, NR and Sharpening in Neat Image. About 10% cropped from right side.

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Mike, what a fine looking image. Excellent details in the bee and the flower. I like how he is positioned inside the bloom and facing you. I am wondering if maybe a square crop would improve the image even more, allowing for a closer look at the bee. Just a thought. It is a great image as is.

Perfect pose and great detail, Mike. Wonderful spring colors, lucky you this little fellow was so cooperative. Must agree with @Shirley_Freeman on the crop, since the right side does not seem to add too much to the image. Great capture.

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Yes, square crop it is:

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Oh she’s lovely - nice light and focus.

Mike, I really do like the square crop. She is center stage now.

Great Photo Mike, I do like the square crop here as well. Excellent color contrast