Bees 2022

Now that we are getting a little warmer in AZ it looks like my favorites are starting to come around. My wife found this plant and the bees seem to like it so spent some time here.

Specific Feedback Requested

I cropped from the bottom and the right but at the same time wanted to preserve the environment where the bee was i was not sure if leaving as shot would have been better to show where she came from, but that area to the right was dark.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D Canon 180 macro at f/20 ( was interested in keeping the details around) ISO 250 I used a Magmod diffuser and another one in front of it.


Wonderful detail, Dean. The crop looks good as it does provide plenty of environmental information, but still allow the bee to move. Neither the bees nor the spring plants have arrived here yet, so definitely an envious capture, at least for me. Very nicely done.

Dean, what a nice image of this little bee. I am enjoying the color palette very much. I like how the oof flower in the in the BG frames the bee. You captured some really nice details in the bee. I am really looking forward to the bees here in NC soon. Usually, the blooming pear trees will bloom out around this time of year and we get lots of bees on them. It gives me something to shoot in my yard, and challenges me in getting a decent shot on the fast-moving subjects. You did a great job here, in my opinion.

Thanks for the input @Shirley_Freeman and @linda_mellor. My wife actually liked the plant and the bees loved them too. This year I am trying to spend more time waiting for my subjects to move where I want them. unlike people they do what they want. However, watching and photographing bees so much I have learned to predict where they will go and just stand ready using a tripod. I did wish Shirley I had the flash setup you use, but I left it home. I have a little bit easier control with the lighting and have it diffused pretty good now.

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You are welcome, Dean. I think you managed the lighting very well in this shot. I do like that flash setup (KX-800 twin flash) and will be using it for our bees soon, hopefully. I need to do what you said though, just watch and predict where they will go, but I find myself chasing the bees rather than just waiting for them to come to me. Maybe I will do better this year.

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