Belted Kingfisher with fish

I managed to get the Kingfisher as he was preparing to swallow fish

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Technical Details

Sony A1 body and 600 Sony GM lens at f4 and 1/2500 sec, ISO 160 and Topaz AI

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Great action to see the bird with some breakfast. While the background isn’t ideal, not much can be done about where they hang out.

The image quality is suffering from over sharpening though. The bird and perch that it is on are very crunchy. Topaz AI didn’t do you any favors on this one.

Real nice capture, with both bird and fish facing you. Kingfishers are tough to photograph, so kudos in getting this shot. I could see cloning out the background branch on the left.

Hi Larry
Photographing a Kingfisher with with its meal in hand, must have been thrilling. Not a fan of Topaz AI. I agree with Keith on Topaz AI over during it. I would still be very happy to have shot this photograph.