Bird on a Stick (can do the trick?)

What is the image about, what does it mean to you, and what motivated you to make it?

While walking towards the beach, in encountered this Northern Wheatear posing in the first morning light.

Equipment information:

Nikon D500 with 500mmf4

Camera settings:

1/400s | f4 | ISO500 | hanhdeld

What specific feedback would you like?

Does the man-made perch bother you?

Great shot, Hans. The detail in the subject is really nice, and the background is wonderfully smooth. I don’t have a problem with him being a pole, myself. I wish that the barbed wire on the left of the pole was sharper in focus, but not sure what to suggest to improve that. Nice shot, just as it is, IMO. :+1:

Hans: The bird and background are very nice. The fact that it is a man made perch doesn’t bother me. I do wish the size of the man made perch was much smaller as this one tends to overwhelm the subject based on size.

Great soft light, Hans. I really like that graduated background. The weathered man-made perch works for me. I don’t know how much you have already cropped, but a crop just above the barbed wire may be interesting.

Beautiful soft light, Hans with a very sweet pose. The perch, though large and new, soesn’t bother me, though I would be sorely tempted to remove the newer barbed wire on the far side of the post. I’d also be tempted to pare some off both the bottom and the top, but 4x6 verticals almost always feel too tall to me, so it might very well be my personal prejudice.

Hi Hans,

You have an uncanny ability to catch a bird in optimal light. The comp is fine as presented, but cropping out the fence wires may help the comp…Jim

Hans, I think Jim has the answer, That and a maybe 4:5 crop top to bottom. You might have to move your logo.