Black Oak Flurries II

Ok, another from the Yosemite snow storm of a couple weeks ago. Was still snowing as of yesterday… finally clearing out!

@Igor_Doncov had mentioned previously about choosing the shutter speed, depending on what you were trying to say. Well, here ya go, a slower shutter speed that better depicts more blizzardy(?) conditions, blowing snow, etc., as opposed to gentle falling flakes…

I chose to leave this as color as I still like the simple color of the oak leaves coming through. Next image, same tree, I will post b&w, slightly different frame. Maybe in the current Weekly challenge.

Thanks for any comments or feedback!

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Processing as always.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Comments, suggestions, critiques always welcome.

Any pertinent technical details:

Nikon D800E, Tamron 70-200mm, @70mm F/6.3 1/20th ISO 400

Full disclosure - a bit of cloning on the snow-covered ground, removing some branches from the fallen log, filling in some grasses, etc.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I love this image because of how wild the place looks. The slanting trees add a poetic touch that speaks of their sustained struggle against the elements. A very dynamic and beautiful winter scene.

Awesome! I love the feeling you get that this is an extremely cold and windy scene. Falling snow, branches and trees all suggest this. Quite a painterly effect.

Wild and blustery and beautiful. I would definitely leave this in color, it works great. With your eye for trees, your skin must be part bark.

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Lon, I agree with Bill regarding the “painterly effect”. Your recent snow scene posts are a great tutorial on the effect shutter speed has on the whole mood of a scene. The lean of the trees against the wind makes this scene very dynamic. Well done again Lon!

I can only say that this image is so well made. Not just the snow but also this special composition of those trees working against the wind and snow. In this colored way.

I agree. It’s a fine image, Lon, and I think it’s the best of your current Yosemite storm images. The hints of red, and the blowing snow are very nice.

your skin must be part bark.

Well, at least we know his bark is worse than his bite. :smile:

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Lon, I love this photo. It is very well captured and edited. The color is so unusual and really works. Small nit: can you show a bit more of the right side so that the upward pointing large branch in the side/middle isn’t hugging the edge? Or is there something distracting lurking there?

Fantastic, Lon. You got good mileage from that recent trip to the Valley. This is just wonderful, looking very stormy and wild. The shutter speed is perfect, processing top notch. Love the subtle natural colors. Very evocative of a snowstorm in the Valley. No more superlatives would do it justice!

This is a powerful image. It tells a great story of endurance and keeps me engaged to view and enjoy. Love the hints of color in the image as well. Very nice.

Outstanding Lon…
Color is perfect for conditions.
The shutter speed made the photo. 1/20 seems perfect.
I have nothing to add, very well done.

Holy smokes, this is superb, Lon. No doubt a portfolio quality image. I’ve only shot a few times in blowing snow and found it very challenging. It seems that you were able to remain composed enough to come away with a stellar image. Processing and composition look great as does the choice of shutter. Great work!

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words. Funny, this was the first image I processed after getting home, and yup, my favorite as well. As you might imagine, I have many frames as I spent almost an hour at this location with still another couple to share.

Thanks again!

Lon, This is “Fantastic” and I absolutely love what you captured here. You really captured the look and feel of a winter snow storm…and I know them well. Composition is perfect, I like the color a lot and the shutter speed you choose could not have been better to show blizzard conditions. This is an awesome shot with perfect processing.

I only have a sec. but had to give you a huge attaboy on this one. FANTASTIC. One suggestion - there is a wire fence or something to the left of the main tree further into the scene. I would clone that. Otherwise, this is AWESOME!!!

Awesome shot Lon, I love the shutter speed. The snow is creating beautiful textures and depth. I think I would personally push the temp a bit more blue to complete the cold winter feel and separate the leaves from the rest of the scene.

Splendid image, the color is perfect, looks a painting from the old masters. Extremely evocative, conveys the spirit of winter…

I really like this. Not sure if it’s the motion blur of snow or just the way the snow landed on the trunks, but the diagonal element makes it so I can almost feel the wind. Wonderful comp and development to show this all off.

The way the trees are slanted and the diagonals of the falling snow trails really complement each other in a powerful way.

I can look at this for a long time with wonder. That speaks well of an image. After noting the trees and the slanting snow you look beyond them to the next trees and the fallen branch on the left. Then you go to the base of the tree and look at the new snow growing on the bark.

This sums it up nicely.