Blowing My Horn a Little Bit

Hi everyone,

I recently found out that this image won third place in the “Nature’s Colors” photo contest sponsored by Outdoor Photographer magazine:

My experience with photo contests in the past has been frustrating enough that I thought entry fees were better spent on lottery tickets. :slight_smile:

So this was a pleasant surprise!


Hey very cool, congratulations! Some stiff competition I’m sure. I hope you enjoy the metal print and all the other things you won. Must feel excellent!

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Oh wow, that’s so cool! A big congratulations!!! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! Some nice swag there! And a lovely photo.

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Thanks for sharing this update, Patrick. Congratulations on this wonderful honor from OP Magazine… :+1:

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Wonderful!! Many congratulations – a well-deserved award for a classically beautiful image!

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WOW! Congratulations Patrick! Beautiful image and well deserved award.

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Congratulations, Patrick! :slight_smile:

I vividly remember viewing this and commenting when you first posted it here (in May? I think).

Very well deserved recognition!!:+1:

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What an honor, and well deserved!

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A little late here, but had to stop by and say CONGRATULATIONS! A great honor indeed! And glad to see OP still alive and kickin’! I had stacks of those for years…

Congrats - a beautiful and well deserving image!

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Congratulations! What a spectacular capture! Glad you blew your horn; so happy to be able to see it as I don’t have a subscription to OP.


@Julia_Hallee, thank you, and welcome to the NPN community! I’m fairly new here myself.

@Lon_Overacker , thanks! I was a subscriber to OP several years ago, let it lapse, and re-subscribed recently. However OP may not be around much longer, sadly.

Thanks, Patrick! Just figured out how to respond on this thing! LOL! I am looking forward to all the opportunities to connect and learn here!

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