Blue Dasher egg laying

In searching files for last week’s weekly challenge, this view of a Blue Dasher in the midst of egg laying caught my attention (fascinating how often going back lets different pictures grab attention). A June 2019 shot, full frame, 7D2, 100-400 @ 400, 1/2000 s, f/8, iso 2000, tripod.

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Oh wow, Mark, I sure am glad that you went back and found this one. I could look all day long in my archives, and I’m not going to find anything like this. Great timing. I think maybe I see an egg mid air!

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Mark, Great image in action. Looks like a in-flight image done very well. Background works well. Nice details on the dasher.

Mark: Great flight/action shot with the focus right where it should be. Slightly curious which lens you were using to get this subject size full frame. Marvelous image. >=))>

Bill, it seems that my brain got ahead of my fingers while typing… I’ve added that this used the 100-400 @ 400.

Hi Mark,

Mrs. Blue Dasher looks nice and sharp. Big lens dragonflies are worth it. Awesome photo…Jim

Awesome Photo image Mark. The sharpness and comp is excellent. That 100-400 lens is great because I find it is a fast focus and gives a range when needed. I have use a 25mm Ext Tube and it works very well as needed. However, I like the lens best with nothing else is there. It works very well with a crop camera like your 7D2 or the 90D I have.

Wonderful capture of very fast action! That is a great dragonfly lens, and works very well with a 1.4X.