Blue Mountains - Sunrise

What technical feedback would you like if any?

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What artistic feedback would you like if any?


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This isn’t a composite - ISO 100 - F13 - 2s @ 24mm

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Hi Jean-Claude,

I love the blueys! I like the layers in your composition. I’d consider cropping a bit from the top or a bit from the bottom so that the horizon isn’t as centred. It looks like this morning was a great sunrise.

For the colour balance I think that the image has too much magenta and the image has a really strong magenta cast. Obviously the magenta glow was a highlight of the scene but too me it’s too neon to look natural. I would go back to the raw and change the white balance to bring a bit more green into the mix


I like the contrast and light, but feel the red in the foreground is a bit too much. The sky looks real but the ground not as much.

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Hi Nathan, Thank you for the comments, i will try to bring the green a little bit more.

Hi Tony,
Thanks, I actually tried to desaturate the red on the foreground but even when I look at the raw file there is a strong red cast into the foreground. I might try to change the WB.

Hi Jean-claude,

If you would like to remove some of the colour cast the following technique in photoshop may help.

Bring the raw into photoshop and duplicate the layer. Turn off the top layer which is the duplicate for the time being.

On the bottom layer goto Image->Adjustments->Match colour and check the neutralize check box and click ok.

This will remove the cast but also most of the colour from the image.

Change the top layer on and change the blend mode to color. Then mask in where you want the cast. Perhaps the sky for example. You can also use the opacity to control how much you blend in.

Below is a super rough example based on your JPG. It will be more effective with more care and a TIFF file.