This was taken looking west with the sunrise behind me. I think the blurred motion complements the soft, pastel colors. Critique welcome.


I would agree Chris. The blurred motion is lovely and give the image a very soft feel. Nicely done.

Chris, the sky’s gentle colors reflected in the sand make a fine sandwich around the blue blur of the water. Nicely seen.

Thanks, Mark. My kind of sandwich :blush:

Thank you, Linda, for your feedback. I appreciate it.

This definitely creates a sense of calm that I don’t think would be there if you could see the detail instead of the blur. It’s smooth and not distracting, at least to my eye.

Thank you, Karla for your feedback. Calmness is what I was going for.

Chris: I love the gentle color palette and how it is complemented by the soft motion. Well conceived and captured. >=))>

Thank you, Bill. That was my vision when I was shooting the photos.