Breakfast for the Brood

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Only one birdhouse is occupied this year (I suspect the others are full of acorns) and it is the one that doesn’t allow any decent light on any perch I could put up next to it. But I was on the deck trying for Acorn Woodpeckers in a nearby Redwood when I saw the Bluebirds using it. And the light was a little soft – not the usual around here.

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Technical Details

Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 10.06.14 AM

Cropped to 33% of original pixels. Shadows and Highlights (globally) in LR. Into PS for NR but not really noticeable at this size. Topaz Denoise with the Low Light algorithm gives a very subtle sharpening that is always a nice touch. Some slight dodging and burning. No cloning.

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Very nice, Diane. Good perch and nice prey and the background and detail in the bird are excellent. My only nit and one you can’t do anything about is that I wish the bird had been looking a bit down to give more direct eye contact.

I always like shots as this one and there’s enough pixels present to identify the prey as a ground beetle. Nice pose and enough pattern in the BG to make this image have an in the tree view. Bluebird looks fine as exposure and sharpness are spot on…Jim

Thanks, @Dennis_Plank and @Jim_Zablotny! I did get a couple of other head turns but none ideal, and one shot later with a beak full of a different insect. And this was my last chance – they fledged later today!!

But yesterday I confirmed my suspicion that a pair of quails have taken up residence in the sucker growth under this Redwood! (I gave up trying to control it.) We had a lovely herd in a blackberry thicket before the 2017 fire and they had me trained to feed them every morning. They got very impatient if I was late, as they had to get to work. A herd about half a mile away survived the fire and I wonder if these may be some moving out from that group – some of their bramble thicket has been cut back. So far it just looks like one pair.

I’ll have to try set up a feeding station in a spot I might be able to shoot from a hide.

Nice color and detail. I do like the pose and I think the background sky works well with this image.

Hi Diane, always interesting to see what the adults bring in for the chicks to feed on. Nice catch here. Good details and I like the partial veggie BG. I could see perhaps moving the bird to the right a tad in the frame.

Thanks, @David_Schoen and @Allen_Sparks! I agree about the framing, Allen. I was too lazy to clean up a distracting detail on the branch just off the left, but it really wouldn’t be that hard to clean up. I’ll have a go at it later.