Broken apart

This is what Lake Ontario can look like from the window of a commercial flight in the dead of winter, ice forming and disassembling in endless patterns. Obviously I’m dealing with a pretty bad “filter” (the window) but am still pleased with this and many other images I made during flights. I always tried to get on the side of the plane without direct sun on the window and did my best to hand-hold and work the center of the window where there is typically less distortion. Even so I cropped to keep out distortion on the lower part of the image.

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all

Technical Details

Sony 6000, 1/250, f/10, 90mm, ISO100 with adjustment to tone curves, sharpening and de=haze in LR


John, this is an awesome aerial abstract image! Really well done given the shooting constraints (ie shooting through a plane window). The swirling patterns on the lower left are fantastic as are the rest of the shapes. It’s amazing how the landscape changes from high up in the air. Great job on this abstract image!

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Honestly if you didn’t say what it was I would have been clueless. That makes it a nice abstract! Really cool scene. My drone is a little jealous!

Very cool abstract John! It’s really hard to get a good image from a plane’s window but you did a great job here. I love the patterns and colors. Well done!


I’m with Matt in that I would have no clue what this is unless it was described to me. My first impression was that of algae on top of a pond, or something like that.

Now that I know it’s ice sheets on a lake, my first thought was the main channel in the right half was perhaps made by a ship? an ice breaker or cargo ship making it’s way from port to port? Who knows.

I suppose you could alter the color of the “ice” more towards white/gray/blueish, but as presented only adds to the mystery of what we’re looking at.

Fun times from 35,000ft - for sure makes the flights go by much faster!


Yup, hard to know for certain but I’d bet it was just a crack that widened. Beats watching an old re-run on the screen!