Brown Thrasher

I was pleased to catch this thrasher in the backyard this afternoon. I wish the stump wasn’t in the lower right corner but that’s where he landed on the set up. Attracted by peanuts.

Canon 7D2, Sigma 150-600 C @ 500mm, tripod
ISO 640, f10, 1/500s

Any comments appreciated.

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Wonderful look at this Thrasher. The eye contact is spot on. I do think the crop could be a little looser. The image pops nicely.

A great look at a Thrasher, Allen. They seem to be skittish, so to be able to get in close and get such details of him is really nice. I’m not bothered by the stump. He is in a natural looking habitat. Great shot, in my opinion.

Allen: you’ve captured a wonderful, alert pose of the bird who really pops against the background. Congrats! Richard

Hi Allen
This is a very nice looking Thrasher. The eye contact, detail , color and tail feathers are really cool. Ps the I had to look for the stump. Nice work.
I have one question on the post, is the 1635 by 1200 1.4mb photo what you had left after cropping or just the size of the photo you posted?

Hi Peter, thanks. I actually cropped this very little from full frame. I resized it for posting to the web.

Very pleasing sharpness and detail. A very energetic pose – I think he 's hoping for another peanut! Nice OOF BG. The perch might be refined if you have a chance to move it away from the stump, but it looks natural. I’m wondering about removing the green that’s visible under the branch, if it would blend in better with the stump if that area was dark.

The perfect brown thrasher pose. Details are excellent, and I like the BG. I also like the perch. The stump doesnt bother me much, but I wonder if there’s a way to minimize it a little more? Maybe something like the below: