Burrowing Owls- Mom brings mouse breakfast

Burrowing Owl mom brings mouse to 2 hungry chicks behind her

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Technical Details

shot with Sony A-1 and 200-600 mm lens at 600 and 1/2500 sec, F7.1 ISO 500
Adobe Photoshop raw


A cool action image, Larry. I think for this kind of image, you might want to try stopping down more and adjusting your iso to compensate. Large parts of the birds seem a bit soft and I don’t think it’s from motion.

Another terrific action scene Larry. Good soft lighting. I think this is the morning I got there right after this and you told that mom had just brought a mouse in. Interesting how that chick in the background appears to be nipping at mom. I agree with @Dennis_Plank about maybe stopping down to get a little bit more depth of field here but it’s certainly not a deal breaker and it’s so hard to tell what’s going to happen when they come in so fast. These guys are little bullets. Nice capture Larry.

Thanks for comment. You are right I had no time to stop down as I focused on the mother with the mouse as she landed. When I see a group like that I usually stop down more. That was the day you arrived later and it was downhill for getting anything more after their big meal.

Pretty cool action shot. Processing looks pretty good as well.

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