Call for the wild

Common Yellowthroat at a local pond. I thought about a vertical crop but the birds need to look rightly…

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

iso 800, 400 plus 1.4X, f8, 800th, about 20% of full frame


Nice. Singing pose is lovely. Glad you chose to give this one room with the horizontal comp.

He looks like he is sing his heart out just for you, David. Beautiful soft background and pose. What is he perched on? Is it a tree stump? Nice capture.

Hi David,

Love the lighting and the comp is spot on. These are challenging subjects because they are skittish and very wary. This one is fine as presented. Awesome…Jim

Yes,a tree stump.

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The perch looks like an old cattail head to me. I think I’d go with the vertical comp, but add some canvas at the top and still provide a reasonable amount of room on the right. Gorgeous detail.

I think you made the right choice going horizontal. That background works so well.

Sometimes I struggle with upward-facing poses like this… leave more of the perch and room below in the frame, or include more empty space above (since the eye may want to follow the bird’s gaze and beak). It’s a tough call sometimes, but you achieved really nice balance here.

Very nice image David. You had really beautiful soft lighting, , no deep shadows, A terrific pose and head angle, and that dreamy background. At first glance, I thought it had a broken leg until I zoomed in and saw that it’s just a twig from the stump that he’s holding onto. If you have lots more room up top I think a portrait crop might be nice because that’s where he’s looking. As it sits right now, he’s looking right into the roof of the top of the frame with not much room up there. I have the same trouble deciding which way to crop with these as well but long ago I decided that if the the direction he is looking in is angled more forward, then do landscape crop and if the angle is more upward than forward, do a portrait crop. This one is right on the border as the angle is almost a 45 degree angle so you could go either way.