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Photographing was a bit difficult due to the crowds, dust and tight quarters. However, my Navajo guide was great and helped me deal with the conditions and keep my lens clean. Lower Antelope Canyon was a highlight of my Northern AZ trip.

Specific Feedback

Any and all are appreciated

Technical Details

Sony a7RmIII 16-40 f/4 f/8 @ 1/100 sec

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  • Conceptual:
  • Emotional Impact and Mood:
  • Composition:
  • Balance and Visual Weight:
  • Depth and Dimension:
  • Color:
  • Lighting:
  • Processing:
  • Technical:

James, the B & W makes the textures the focus when I think the color makes the over all shapes the focus. Interesting. Thanks for sharing your vision.

James this is a lovely composition of the slot canyons. All too often I see color images, and while beautiful, it takes special light to separate the hues, whereas here in black and white, it’s just about the contrast and textures. The sweeping lines all add a feeling a movement to this image. Well done!

Great personal treatment of a very popular subject James. I recently shot Cedar Breaks National Monument, but found that the fabulous layers of muted reds and oranges make seriously unfabulous B/W conversions. By pulling up the contrast in this canyon composition, you have set a great standard for overcoming the common problem of contrast in redrock country images. I will have to try again to turn some of those Cedar Breaks shots into B/W compositions. Any tricks to share?

James, thanks for the comments , and yes ,you’re correct when it comes to dealing with the reds, oranges and magentas. I did note that direction of light made a big difference in separating some of the tones and as one would expect, it would enhance the texture and contrast of the colors. I did adjust saturation, luminosity and hue of specific portions of the formation and used layer masks to target those sections. A dash of dodging and burning was added too “taste”. I hope that helps , but when all else fails , trial and error is your best friend. As always, your comments are appreciated.

Brenda, Thank you for the critique , always appreciated . This is one of the images in the collection that seemed to work as a B&W image , when most did not,

Thanks James. Will try manipulating the color version before converting to B/W.

James the mesmerizing flow of the canyon walls in your photo is captivating. The way the light and shadows play off the textured surfaces brings out a dynamic range of tones that really stand out in black and white.

The emotional impact of this image is strong, evoking a sense of awe and wonder at the natural beauty of the canyon walls. The flowing lines and intricate patterns of the rock formations suggest a timeless and serene landscape, while the monochrome treatment emphasizes the texture and depth without the distraction of color.

Nice one!

Piling on here…… I adore this image…. It feels like high art…. It transcends the photograph

Sometimes an image just " SPEAKES TOO YOU " Thank you !

I love this image. I am struggling with color v texture and I think you did texture well. I think your image put into perspective for myself what I should be aiming for in a black and white image and that is does the texture/image remind me of something else. Your image reminds me of a long lock of hair. I struggle with the edges of the canyons in these shots. ie is it best to keep the edge dark, as your image on the left, to show the contrast, or should one lighten it? I think you did a great job.

Beautiful image! Very abstract. The lines, shapes….I feel movement in rock! I’ve also been there and I hope to return again. The first time I went was in the days of shooting film. The developer had totally messed up with their chemicals, and my prints were horrid. Next, with digital, much better. :). Isn’t it a fascinating place? Lovely work.