Cardinal in the snow

I’ve been wanting to get some images of birds in the snow, and cardinals in particular. Finally had a snow day here and was able to photograph some cardinals, sparrows and a towhee. Quite happy with these two images of a cardinal

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

I like the snowy scenes very much. It really adds a nice feel. I much prefer the second image. Nice wing position and angle of flight. The first one is just an awkward pose.

I like both of these, Eddie. The second does have a nicer pose, but the first shows more interesting behavior. The detail in both is excellent.

A wonderful opportunity, but the first is hurt by the leaf that is too close to the bird and an awkward foot position. At the least, I’d remove the dark areas in the BG.

The second id better but would profit from a crop to remove BG distractions. It’s not the best that the left wing is partially behind the snow bump. Keep at it!!!