Caught in Ice

These mix of shapes and contrast between these falllen leaves and the surrounding ice caught my eye as a good statement on winter. A 7 shot stack for full frame sharpness.

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Mark, I think you have out done yourself in your ice pictures. Wow! So much to enjoy with the textures of the ice and leaves, and then all the lines. You even captured the reflection of the stem of the big leaf in the ice! I can’t think of a thing that could improve this shot. Excellent find and capture.

I feel as if this scene is going to explode apart at any second. That it’s fragile and holding back energy it can’t possibly contain. Love that feeling. So crisp and it has an immediacy that I wasn’t getting from some of the previous images. Not sure how much of a crop this is, but I wonder if a more diagonal angle with the leaves would enhance that feeling.

Mark: This is marvelous and what I really like about this kind of image is that it can never be duplicated. Wonderful find and a terrific capture and presentation.>=))>

Mark …you make some killer images with ice. Love the lines pulling me all sides…beautifully done

Balan Vinod