Ice, water and leaves #2

Here’s another look at the mix of ice, water and fallen leaves in a side arm of the local creek. (7D2, 180mm macro, 1/60 s, f/9, iso 800, tripod) Six shot stack for dof.


Mark, I am enjoying this image. All the patterns and lines, and that splash of gold in just the right position, all makes for a wonderfully pleasing image.

I really like the abstract nature of this image Mark. From the rich blacks to the milky whites to the crystal clear ice, this image has it all. The leaf under the ice is the the proverbial icing on the cake. I really like the blues and magentas throughout this as well. Well framed Mark.

Gorgeous!! All said above! Wonderful secondary hints of warmer areas and darks against lights.

I think I like this one even better - the radiating pattern in the ice has an energy that belies its icy nature. Stacking looks great and I love the additional sharpness it brings from front to back. Sweet shot.

Truly amazing, as others have said, @Mark_Seaver. Love not only the colors, but the detail is outstanding. Very nicely done.

I see a flower on the right side, with the gold area being the bloom and a stem and leave below. I find this to be a very interesting image that invites my eye to wander through and look closely at all the patterns and details.

Beautiful Mark, such an interesting display of nature. Inclusion of the leaf is a nice highlight. Reminds me of microscopic amoeba photos. Only a 6 shot stack, lol?

I will be the contrarian here. I love everything about it except the gold leaf underneath. My eye wants to explore the beautiful shapes, patterns and textures, yet it is drawn to the bright red spot like a iron shavings to a magnet. The ice patterns are incredible!

Mark: I love your ice images. I do kind of see where Harley is coming from but not sure I would have thought the same independently. Still a marvelous unique scene superbly captured and presented. >=))>