City Bald Eagles

The city Eagles.
You don’t have travel to the mountains or take a boat upriver to visit this pair of Bold Eagles, just take Rt 84 east and get off at South-Windsor, take a right into the Big Y

and park in the right-hand side of the parking lot.
The nest is about ten feet down from the top of that every-green, just behind the black SUV.
They can also be seen in a large maple at the Lynch Toyota’s parking lot.

Last year this pair hatched two Eagles and we think the female is now sitting on a egg or eggs.


I will keep you up-dated.


Wilderness comes to the city! Wonderful opportunity! But post a guard for muggers??

Great shots, especially the stores. LOL
Just kidding.
We have a lot of Bald Eagles in Florida too.

Hi Diane & Lanis
Thank you for the comments, these Eagles are big enough to protect the neighborhood.

I’ve heard you need to keep wearing your mask because the bird flew!

Hi David
I have not heard that and I did think people could catch bird flew?

OUCH! Good one, you two!!