Clearing Autumn Storm

It was a cool and wet October day in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in eastern British Columbia, Canada and I had spent much of the day trying to stay warm and dry by the campfire. It had rained all day but, in the evening, shortly before sunset, the rain let up and the clouds cleared just enough to let a few of the last rays of the sun break through.

It was then, that this peak – named Corsair Mountain, emerged from the clouds, and revealed it’s new, white, brilliant coat of fresh snow.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything goes :slight_smile:

Technical Details


Beautiful photo Tom - the light is wonderful! I love the close up aspect to this shot and being able to see all the fine lines winding their way around the mountain.

Well, Tom, this is impressive, to say the least. The close-up view of the mountain is commanding. The small tree line and also the light that start on the LRC lead us to the peak and give us a sense of dimension (as if that was needed!). The level of detail puts us right there on the foot of the mountain and up. The peak under the light is so dominant that I almost forget about the light glimpse on the left side near the image border. Maybe just a smidge of burning could eliminate that. Alternatively, cropping on the left side would prevent the viewer’s eyes from climbing to an abrupt end. It is likely a matter of preference, but as I mentioned in a previous critique, I prefer to let my eyes rest on a downslope. That is a very minor thing because of the majestic presence of the mountain, I know.

What are fantastic moment you captured. The light is spectacular. I like your choice to zoom in on the mountain.

Great light and brightness and great details. The light and shadow are truly picturesque

Tom, the lighting and storm clouds make this special. The starkness of the mountain with all of it’s layers contrasts beautifully with the warm light.

Fantastic photo. Light, composition, emotional quality…it has it all!

Thank you @mrbphoto , @Egídio_Leitão , @DeanRoyer , @jorma , @Mark_Seaver , @Tony_Siciliano for the kind comments!!! :slight_smile:

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