Clever Crow


Specific Feedback Requested: In the original image I had the whole crow but I wanted to crop it closer and make it more of a portrait to show the details more. Does the crop look ok? Anything else

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite?

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This crop looks great! I love all the details and tones in this portrait. Well done

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I think this is terrific, Vanessa. Good details in the bird with a pleasing background and yes, I do like the crop. Excellent

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I like the crop and the detail in he crow is excellent, Vanessa. The bit of a head turn really makes tis image for me.

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Thanks so much for looking! @Mark_Muller @terryb @Dennis_Plank , I’m surprised you have no suggestions! I think that’s a first, at least so far, until maybe someone else sees it! :slight_smile:

Excellent black-and-white portrait with nice head turn great detail in the plumage.

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Thanks @David_Schoen for your feedback and I’m glad you like the crow!