Cobalt Blues

This image was taken on our recent trip to the Amazon. We spent the better part of 4 hours at the Clay Lick waiting for something to happen, then …

Napo Wildlife Center, Ecuadorian Amazon.

Nikon D500
Nikkor 500mm F/4
Gitzo w. WimberleyII

Camera settings:

1/250s @ f/5.6
ISO 1000
-1 Ev

This shot captures the activity of the flock nicely and shows off the blue in the wings well, nicely done Chuck.

This is a nice unique style of image. You didn’t say what kind of feedback you’re seeking on this image in the Avian Critique.

I do wish the foreground birds were within the depth of field in the frame. Pretty tough to pull off with a 500mm I know.

I love the lighting in this image, Chuck. It certainly conveys a madhouse atmosphere that I like. The three birds coming in on the upper left make a very cool lineup that leads the eye into the frame. You might think about taking advantage of that and emphasizing them a little more than the others with some selective sharpening and/or brightness/saturation adjustments. If done subtly enough it should enhance the image. If you really wanted to get artsy about it, you could try removing the two birds in the upper area that are flying out of the frame.

Hey Charles,
You captured an excellent image of this flock with beautiful color and light that is very pleasing. The action and environment is simply amazing. I do find the subjects flying out of the frame distracting and would take Dennis’s suggestion even further. With that beautiful black background making it very easy, I would consider removing all the subjects in flight except for the two in the left center.
This is a Cool Shot . . . :sunglasses: