Cold at Norris

After a storm and 2 days of overnight temperatures below zero (F), when the sun came out, we headed for Norris expecting to find lots of heavy frost on the trees from the hot springs as well as lots of mist. Here’s a look across the upper reaches of the Porcelain basin mixing the frosty trees/shrubs and rising plumes of mist.

5D3, 24-105 @ 29, f/16, 1/60 s, iso 200, tripod and polarizer

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Wow, Mark, this is really beautiful. I like how the ice is on the bushes in the foreground, and the steam coming up in the background. It does look like it might be cold there.

Good one, Mark. Don’t have any nits or suggestions.

Mark: It so makes me want to be there! The latest I’ve been to Yellowstone was early October in 2011. Visiting in the cold months is high on my bucket list. Wonderful scene superbly rendered.>=))>

Mark, this is really nice, Norris is one of my favorite places to shoot in Yellowstone. Some how for me it has a more primeval feeling than the other geyser basins. I love the snow on the foreground pine trees, it adds a lot of vitality to the image. My only nit would be to consider slightly burning down the top half of the image, by darkening it I think it would place even more emphasis on the snow covered pines.