Color-copia Triptych

“Color-copia”, a play on the word “cornucopia” - or Horn of plenty - or in this case, an abundance of color.

Let’s just say I had lots of fun with the ICM on this trip to Point Reyes. While I have more… at some point they become a little redundant, hence the triptych idea. All of these images were captured standing in the same spot, all within about 3 minutes. And since there are no rules really, I’ve taken some liberties with the colors. Well, except for the standard landscape image, I tried to keep it real for reference.

These next 2 images are for reference. The landscape ICM is rather ho-hum, but you get a feel for the landscape. Sort of.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback, comments suggestsions always welcome. I tried to keep the color, sat, luminosity similar for all 3 square images in the triptych and hope I arranged them in a pleasing order.

Thank You!

Technical Details

Nikon D800E, 28-300mm at various focal lengths, ALL ICM images at f/14 1/4s. Straight landscape f/16 @2sec


I absolutely love that tryptic! NICE WORK!

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Very creative work here Lon! Great job on the triptych. Each has their own rhythm but the color unifies them nicely.

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These work very well as a triptych. I agree that by themselves they get a bit repetitive, but combining the different motions is interesting. The colors are bright, but not unbelievable.

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I like the triptych - they certainly work together well. I like the “straight” landscape shot too.

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I love the triptych but I have to say the straight shot stands head and shoulders above the others. That straight shot is one to be really proud of. It’s a thing of beauty.

Amazing and lovely, all!! I do believe I was there and I never ever saw a composition as clean as the last “real” image! The abstract ICMs are lovely paintings but I LOVE what you found in this last one!

The colours are beautifully luminous and the different directions an paces of the motions work very well together. I see something watery in the first two from the left, whilst the last one has something of a furry, animal quality (my imagination!). Great job on keeping the color, saturation and luminosity uniform. This is really gorgeous and a great way to present such fine abstracts!