Sand triptych

Drone photos of Tana fjord in northern Norway. I am planning an abstract/intimate exhibition of these for next year. There should be maybe 8 of these triptychs. Working title “Time-flux passing through”. I can’t tell if the name is correct English

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details


A 3 in 1 eh? I’ll bite! To me, creating a single photo of nature is simple. However, creating a theme of images that are cohesive enough to be put side by side is really hard. So, well done, you’ve done that! I would even recommend you keep playing with this concept. Work on turning it into a project or collection that could go into a photo book some day.

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Thanks a lot David! This making of three series actually started by accident when I made an exhibition in a space that could only fit three pictures side by side and then a column came. This is when I started thinking about how to shoot the symbiosis of three images continuously. In expression, I mainly aim for quite abstract topics because “basic stuff” doesn’t really work like that

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All of the images are great and could stand alone. That said, I think your triptych works very well, e. g. the color tones match reasonable well and I like that you have one image that zoom in more on the details to get variation. Have you tried to flip the last image upside down? Looking forward to see the other seven!

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Awesome work, Jorma. I have been thinking about a triptych for some of my abstract shots too.

As @David_Johnston and @Ola_Jovall said, this really works well. The colors are a nice match and the scenes compliment each other well. It would look great hanging in my living room as the colors are a match for our walls/curtains.

Looking forward to seeing more of these.

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Thanks Ola and David. A couple of triptychs have been here before, as I recall in may.

Jorma, all three images work are wonderful! Really great work and a pleasure to view them as a set. I don’t really have any suggestions. Best wishes on your exhibition.

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Each is incredible in it’s own right but the three of them together is something special. I loved the triptychs you posted before as well. If there was one thing I could think of to possibly make these even better would be to balance the tones of the first and the third image better. Maybe make the third image more in brown tones or make the first image more in blue and green tones. Or, maybe have the third one in the middle since the first and the second image have similar tones and colors in them. Sensational images Jorma. I believe the title is correct English but maybe have a couple of others chime in as well. My English is far from perfect.

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Such a lovely triptych. And I agree: all three are fantastic images on their own as well. Nicely done. If I was to nitpick, I would being up the highlights/light on the first image just the tiniest bit. Really beautiful work!

Best triptych on NPN I’ve seen. The key to these sequences is to make them similar yet uniquely different. I think this achieves it better than anything so far. They all have that flowing look. It would be interesting to add images that are not of sand but have that same concept, as part of a triptych. In fact, a triptych based upon a concept rather than a subject would probably make a more interesting triptych in general. The middle image is just sensational. They look like horns.

Wonderful triptych.
I really like all the photos but you make the complete set to stand out.
Very nice.

Thanks guys for the encouraging comments. The work is just beginning and these will live many more times. These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago and it is third version of this triptych.
I have thumbed the same idea that Igor threw in the air. I had three very different simple sea pictures side by side in an exhibition a year ago and they supported each other well (at least in my opinion) In those series, I think primarily about the story and the vision given by the serie. Sometimes the technical aspects take a back seat, but usually they improve during the trip.
Need to continue the project even more passionately (Not too much)

These look great, Jorma. My only wondering is the order of the pieces. I feel as though a story could be told if the first and third pieces were swapped; a story of desolation, of climate change, perhaps, wherein the lush nature of the image (right) turns brown and decays.

As I look at it more, the opposite story may be present, as well. Something to think about, if nothing else.

This is really cool. I like the way they are each a bit different but showing the same ideas.


Outstanding Triptych! Agree with the sentiment that each of these can and would stand on their own individually. Having them side by side - just as great, if not better. Love the sequence and how the colors interact so beautifully.

I was thinking similar - but considering flipping all of them 180 degrees! I haven’t tried, but as presented, the “flow” to me is bottom to top - ie. any assumed water flow that created these natural designs appears to flow bottom to top. If you flipped them, it would flow top to bottom… Maybe I’m just yakkin’, but was something I thought about. And of course the great news with abstract presentations is that there are many viable presentation choices.

Love this one as presented though for sure!


Outstanding. Each photo is stunning on its own and they fit together beautifully. I like the orientation as presented.


Beautiful triptych. To my ear the title doesn’t quite match the beauty of the shots (though in your language it’s surely fine). What about some others’ suggestions? I suggest “Time like an ever-rolling stream”, a line from an old hymn.