c40d-101-7283-7289 In the area where I live there are several places where groundwater is welling up. This water is rich in iron and when in contact with air extremely thin films are formed at the surface by (bio-) chemical processes. In these films colour shifting occurs. However this strongly depends on the view direction. Therefore I did not put the camera perpendicular to the water surface, but at an angle for maximal colour. The final image is the result of a focus stack of seven images, combined with Zerene Stacker.

Canon 40D, iso 100, 1/15 sec, Canon 24-105 @ 105, f/9, polarizer, tripod, cable release.

All C&C is very much appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Cool and colorful abstract. There are probably many scenes within a scene with this one, too.

Interesting, colourful image, and a nice explanation of the “science.”

Igor, you’ve got a fine, painterly view here, with fine subtle colors and fascinating textures. Refraction in thin films makes some very colorful images, it’s neat that this is a biochemical, iron based process. The mottled texture with the “islands” of solid material has me thinking that a microscopic view of the island region might be fun, but that would need a very different set of hardware. A great find.

Very cool and colorful abstract, for sure, Igor. If you have the set up to do macro closer in, as Mark mentioned, it sure would be worth a try.

Igor: what an excellent abstract. As an aside, this would make the ultimate jigsaw puzzle. Richard

Igor: I love images like this. Really well seen and superbly captured. Most excellent. >=))>

A beautiful abstract, Igor, and very well executed. That’s an interesting phenomenon.

Wow This is amazing photography

Interesting how this is a pattern that humans find pretty. I wonder why? I certainly like it too.