Country Road

It has been too long since I have participated in one of these challenges! So here goes nothing! This is an image I captured using a telephoto lens back in October from a high vantage point looking down on a country road here in Colorado in autumn.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Whatever you want. I’m always open.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Same as above.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Single image. 137mm Sony 100-400, Sony A7R2, 1/30s, f/11


Matt, this looks great. The glowing Aspens stand out well against the dark evergreens while the road provides a fine sense of you too can get here to enjoy this. The separate clumps of Aspen add extra interest.

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Hey @Matt_Payne,

Those yellows are just gorgeous. I like how to road shows just enough to creat a leading line in to those trees on the center.

The only thing I would, maybe, change is the angle of the framing, the tree look a bit tilted.
Other then that great shot.

Thanks for sharing,

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Hah, so funny, I never even noticed that! =) thanks man!

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Thanks Mark, appreciate that! It was a really nice scene to photograph. As you can imagine, the view from here was wonderful. Here’s an unedited wide angleview …

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I like the visual flow on this one, too, Matt. I think it does fit the theme really well. I am in agreement with @João_Ferrão that the whole image looks like it’s leaning to the left.

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Nice to see you back with a post, Matt. I’ve been busy too but thought I’d give a little back to you since you’ve given so much to me.

I like this image and as a fellow Coloradan can identify with the emotions it conjures of the happiness of the changing seasons, the abundance of nature, the privilege of being able to witness and enjoy it, and more. That’s what I like about it.

However, I also get the feeling of unresolved vision. To me, the road is neither prominent enough nor hidden enough to include. Perhaps if a red Jeep were in that clearing the image would work better, especially as a travel image.

I also long for either more foliage or less, and more trunks or less since neither dominates.

Yet, because I’ve witnessed this kind of scene many times and relate to the joy it evokes, please don’t let my critique stop you from shooting many more of these.

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Oh man, having a Jeep in the scene definitely would have added some interest for sure! Thanks for the idea @Matt_Lancaster