Creek Grasses + REPOST

Creekside in the mountains of Idaho. Any comments, suggestions or critiques are welcome.

D810, 24-70mm

Repost cropped.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Nicely composed, and wonderful light. I am on the fence with the fallen log–the bright top edge draws my eye. The grasses and the red foliage (willow?) have nice detail and color. I also like the tones, and the stones in the water. Nice, peaceful scene, Mr. H…

Harley it’s interesting to see the broader view of the area that starred in some of your recent posts of more intimate scenes. The technicals (exposure/contrast/saturation) look good to me. I like the concept of the grasses as a colorful foreground element that leads your eye to the red and yellow colors in the background. But the water, especially right above the grass clump, is fairly bright, which sort of makes it harder to for my eye to get to the nice color in the background. I would burn down the water, which will help the color in the background stand out more. Did you use a polarizing filter here for the water? If not that might have helped too.


Nicely composed, quiet some somewhat subdued image. The cluster of grass at the bottom make for a nice near/far comp. for me, it’s the water and how the rounded rocks just are breaking the surface. Viewed further away, they could be giant rain drops. And I mentioned quiet because I image the sound to be of a quiet, babbling brook, rather the louder sound of rushing water. The reds are also a nice touch to the scene and the forest tops this off nicely, although a little cut-off, which is fine since the main subject is the tuft of grass and the gentle stream.

Pleasing scene and image. No nits/suggestions.


What a beautiful spot, Harley. Those warm grasses and red ground cover are beautiful. I’m viewing on my iPad but with this in mind your processing looks natural and spot-on. Doing some screen crops, I find the composition much stronger with ~50% of the area cropped between the foreground grass tuft and the left frame edge. I find my eyes are drawn more effectively into the frame.

Good call, Dave. Something has bugged me a bit with this one and that solves it. Thanks

Reposted above

Repost is spot-on! The crop works great.

I think the crop makes a dramatic difference. I thought the wider view seemed like a nice image of some beautiful stuff. But somehow didn’t present a subject, if that makes any sense. But that tighter crop eliminates that feeling completely. Nice light and wonderful color!

Harley, an excellent creek-side view here. The cropped version works perfectly and overall processing is spot on…:+1:

The crop did improve the composition in that the grass doesn’t seem to be as close to the bottom.

The crop nailed it for me, Harley. I think that small adjustment emphasizes the elements and brings them more into focus. This has a nice peaceful feel to it and I really enjoy those red bushes along the creek bank.

Crop works beautifully! A stronger image as a result.