Dactylis Glomerata (?)

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Nikon D810
Nikon 70-200

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Is this a composite: No


This is a lovely image. The soft and gentle colors together with your use of DOF gives a very comforting image. I really like it! Could not find anything to improve.

The shallow DOF works well for this gentle subject matter. One idea that you might try is to warm this up with the white balance. A warmer tint of green may be appealing . And a bit more saturation after that. I think that I like those 2-3 grasses that are dark and sharply defined.

I like this, but it seems to need something else to give it additional variation. I tried a simple vignette.


Beautiful. It’s amazing what can be done to make such a simple slice of land into a lovely image. Grasses are overlooked from so many aspects, and they are such interesting plants. The framing is great. It would be interesting to see a narrow vertical, but I think both presentations would be acceptable.

I don’t believe it is Dactylis glomerata (orchard grass). It looks more like Phleum pratense (thimothy), but grasses are difficult to identify in the hand, let alone in a photograph.

@joaoquintela this is a very soft and quiet image, it has a subtle beauty. I like your use of selective focus, but I think @Tony_Kuyper 's suggestion to add a vignette helps, it seems to re-inforce the selective focus effect. This is an interesting image, nicely seen on your part.

A very nice intimate look at whatever grassland species it is , Joao. I think these types of images (grassland intimates ) are tough to pull off and hold interest , but to my eyes you have done well capturing the soft delicate intricacy of this grass community. I very much prefer your original over the reworks of @Igor_Doncov @Tony_Kuyper . Too much of a golden tone and hue on the one, and the other with the vignette seems too dark and green for me . Your capture in the full sun has a lightness and airy quality to it and your processing seems minimal and is more complimentary to the soft mood presented. My only nit is maybe just a bit too much oof and blurriness at the top, a small crop up there would not diminish the overall look or feel of the image

I really love this photo, Joao! It’s a subject that I’ve been trying to shoot myself for awhile now, and continually with no success! But this gives me inspiration to try and emulate! Really beautifully done!

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
I took some time on the field with this one, making small correction both on composition and with the choice of my aperture/focus point. I am pleased with this one.

The difficult think was the processing, every little thing I did seem to ruin the image. I did struggle to get the image to look right; on the end – and that’s was the day lesson – I accept the image was it was. I just did very small corrections, and a small vignetting (maybe not strong enough).