Dahlia #2 w/Rework



Critique Style Requested: Initial Reaction

Please share your immediate response to the image before reading the photographer’s intent (obscured text below) or other comments. The photographer seeks a genuinely unbiased first impression.

Questions to guide your feedback

Does the image convey depth through the shading and texture? Does it work in B&W?

Other Information

Please leave your feedback before viewing the blurred information below, once you have replied, click to reveal the text and see if your assessment aligns with the photographer. Remember, this if for their benefit to learn what your unbiased reaction is.

Image Description

Another Dahlia image in B&W.

Technical Details

90mm, 1/125 Sec @ f/13, ISO 320

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It certainly works in B&W, David and yes, the shading does convey depth very well. One minor thing that sticks out to me is the light area around one of the petals. It just doesn’t seem to fit the tonality of the rest of the image:

Other than that I love the image.

Another terrific shot! Other than the high-contrast area Dennis pointed out, I have to say I like this one a bit more than the first one. It feels more distinctive to me. The curling petals have more presence and definition; as if you used an external light source for modeling, so yes, there is definitely depth here. It reminds me of the way Van Gogh painted flower close ups in the sense that there is implied movement and loads of texture.

Hi David! :slight_smile:

This looks like something you might find on a Corel Reef with the water currents influencing the sense of motion (at least to me).
The texture is awesome and to me it looks more like a charcoal drawing and I mean that in the best possible way!
So, my initial reaction is one of artistic motion and life.

I like how the smaller tubes or curled shapes are concentrated in the LLC with the more mature petals flowing freely in the rest of the scene.

I thought about the brighter area around the petal in the ULC area as a minor distraction, then I saw Dennis’s comment and where he drew the red circle so I agree, maybe doing a tad bit of cloning there would take care of that and, maybe while you’re at it, burn that small spot in the middle of the cluster in the LLC? (if you agree).

Your experience in processing B&W is truly admirable! :smiley:

Awesome B&W image of this Dahlia! :smiley:

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@Dennis_Plank, @_Kris, and @Merv thank you for the kind comments and suggestions. Sorry, I have been hip deep in another photo project so just now getting back here.

I agree with the corrections suggested and have posted an update above.

Thanks again for the help.


Great job on the revised image, David.

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Another beautiful Dahlia shot! I initially thought of a charcoal drawing, as Merv suggested. I really like this comp with all the pedals pointing to the URC. The B&W conversion is very well done. The repost is excellent!

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That brightly lit spot pointed out by Dennis is nothing more than part of the folded petal. I don’t really see it as an issue and it could be burned in slightly if so desired. Comp is nice and there’s enough contrast in the BW to hold the eyes’ interest. Well done…Jim

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Another lovely Dahlia shot! I actually prefer the original value range to the reworked version, but they’re both nice.

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