Damselfly in Dew

Found it on a very dewy morning. As usual, I was out for flowers, and spotted this next to a bunch of milkweed and Aster plants. My 180/3.5 is out for service, so I used Canon 100-400 II @ 400 + 25mm and 12 mm extension tubes.

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 7DII + 100-400 II + tripod + 25mm & 10 mm extension tubes
f/16, 1/20, ISO 800
ACR for RAW, PSCC, slight noise reduction with

Topaz AI

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Wow, Ravi. . . didn’t even see all of the moisture droplet until I scrolled in close. Great detail in the water droplets and nice composition. Great photo.

Ravi, this is impressive. I can see the colors of his eyes refracted in the dew drops on his eyes/head. Excellent shot, and a wonderful find. I like the perch he is on, and how you captured the tiny “hairs” on it. I am really impressed that you accomplished this with the 100-400 mm lens with two extension tubes. Great shot.

Wonderful! Fantastic detail and lovely BG. The droplets on the eye are spacial. That is a very nice almost-macro lens, and the extension tubes were a great idea.

Ravi: Just goes to prove that necessity is the mother of invention. I generally don’t like using tubes with a zoom so I appreciate the effort, especially with that much extension. Fantastic details and comp. I also find it interesting that there is so little dew on the perch. Great find and a superb capture and presentation. >=))>

Ravi, I’m loving the mix of subtle colors and the covering of drops (of course). Definitely a neat find from your careful observation.