Darkling Beetle Close- + RePost


Thank you @Dennis_Plank , @Bill_Fach , and @Shirley_Freeman . I did try some burning and it took away some of the brightness of the highlight areas, but maybe not enough. The leags are very shiny compared to the rest of the beetle’s integument.

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This is an extreme close-up of Alobates pennsylvanicus that was shown in an earlier post. This was shot with the settings found in my previous post and the scene lit by several Nikon macro flashes. I cropped until I was happy with this image. the diameter of the beetle’s head is about 2.5mm.

Technical Details

Crop for comp with about 1/5th of the frame left…Jim


Jim: Great effort and technique demonstrated here! Your flash allowed for terrific detail in the dark shell without being obvious and leaving no distracting shadows. My only suggestion would be to burn down the bright reflections on the front leg but that’s a pretty minor nit. Well done. >=))>

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Oh, that is an in-your-face shot, Jim. Wonderful details. The crop works for me. Those flash work very well. I agree with @Bill_Fach but as he said, a very minor nit. Excellent look at such a tiny creature. That is what I love about macro.

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Excellent job, JIm. It’s so nice to have enough pixels to crop like this and still have excellent detail. Lighting and detail are just wonderful in this image.

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Jim, you are so right that those little legs don’t give you a lot of room to work to isolate them for toning down the brightness. I think what you did helped. It really wasn’t that bad to begin with. I would be thrilled to call this my shot. Such wonderful details.

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Wow! I love the detailed pores that show up on this black beetle. This is a true macro image Jim. Nice work.