Day of the polar night

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Mavic 2 Pro + Nisi Landscape polarizer


An amazing image Jorma. I really love this composition, the island is such a powerful element that creates a nice overall balance to the image. Another thing I like are all the interesting little details in the trees and the ice, it adds a nice sense of depth to the image…

My only suggested tweak is a subjective one. The luminosity of the sky doesn’t feel quite right in relation to the light on the landscape itself. I would suggest raising the luminosity of the sky slightly, i think it would be better balanced with the light on the snow and ice.

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What a magnificent scene. It’s certainly not something many of us are fortunate to have seen. I do think @Ed_McGuirk’s rework does improve the image somewhat although I do like the rich colored sky in the original.

Actually, I haven’t experienced the sky as a problem but a foreground that could be a little darker. At the time of shooting, the sun is below the horizon and the sky is just like that. In the wild the foreground was much darker and this is shooted for bracketing and processing for hdr

My earlier comment really was the luminosity levels in the land and the sky didn’t seem completely consistent. Generally, distant skies usually have brighter luminosity than foreground landscapes, and in your original post that was slightly reversed. I assumed you were happy with the foreground luminosity, hence my comment to lighten the sky. I did not witness the scene, so I cannot speak to what luminosity you saw in the sky. My only point is that I would prefer to see a more consistent balance between land and sky luminosity, independent of which direction the sky is taken.

And I would add that my opinion of balancing the luminosity would only require a very subtle change, it only seems slightly off to me.

Wonderful S curves running through the photo. The color combination of orange and blue is pleasing. I like the varying textures in the landscape. To me, the orange sky on the UL seems a little to vibrant.

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It’s a really pleasing composition Jorma and I love the swirling water and ice details in the foreground area with its curving line of water reaching toward the satsuma sky beyond.

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This is really, really nice. I just love the light on the snow near the river and the line of the river itself.

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