Description: I never tire of trying to capture the beauty of this rose in our garden. I just love the pink petals with yellow deep inside the flower. I shot the flower inside, in a white tent. That is how I can control the lighting and get a white background.

Specific Feedback Requested: I am interested in any comments to improve the image.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Olympus OMD camera, 60mm macro lens, ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/25. Tripod and lights.

Is this a composite? no

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I think this is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! I love the colors (sorbet!) and the center of the rose doesn’t go too dark or too flat. The light vignette is wonderful. as is the composition! If I were to consider anything, it might be a little off the bottom, but that’s an incredibly tiny thought. Well done!!!


This image is spot on. Love the color and focus the dof is perfect. Well done.

This is so lovely Ann .

So incredibly gorgeous, Ann, wish I’d taken it. Can’t imagine changing anything. Very nicely done.

I’m in agreement with all others… a beautiful image! Soft swirls are magical.

As already concluded by others, this is a gorgeous image! You ask for comments to improve the image, could not come up with anything.

@Diane_Miller , @mikekimpton , @Carol_Nichols , @Patricia_Brundage , @linda_mellor , @Ola_Jovall : Thank you all for taking a look and the many compliments. The more I study the image, I am thinking to pull up both the bottom edge and right side a bit. I may have it printed on a canvas.


It will make a GORGEOUS print!! Looking at it again, I wonder about a touch more room top and left. If it’s not on the original, content-aware might work, with possibly a bit of cloning.

You did very well with this image. Colors and comp are spot on. Well done…Jim

Beautiful flower and image. Great color and comp. :+1:

Print away! Stupendous light and textures. Very much a wow photo. I can see why you can’t keep away from them. And I bet it smells like heaven.

Uploading: P1019423-Delicate REPOST.jpg…
@Diane_Miller, @Jim_Zablotny , @Harley_Goldman , @_Kris : Thank you all for your kind comments. Diane, after looking at the original, I decided to crop from the right and bottom edges. I like the close-up view, but it was bothering me that the rose was off center.
P1019423-Delicate REPOST

Ann, try your upload again – David just got an upload bug squashed.

Thanks, Diane. Just now, I do see the revised image on my screen. I will add it again now just in case!
P1019423-Delicate REPOST

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I do like the change. The rose fills the frame so nicely that I don’t see any difference in the centering, and a bit off-center would actually add a slight dynamic something-or-other, for me.

I hate to be nit-picky about such a gorgeous image, but it feels a bit crowded on the left and top – I wonder if there is some of the original canvas there, or otherwise content-aware fill would probably work its usual magic. The white triangle in the UL could be filled in with the material just below it, or better, from one of the other 3 corners with the appropriate rotation.

Hi Diane,
Yes, there is room in the original to expand the left side and top. It will take a while to blend them as there was a lot of cloning in the flower. But I agree it is tight on the left and top. I think it will be nice to have two versions of this. The closely cropped image will work well on a canvas. The expanded version for framing. Thanks for all of your advice. I will share when I have a chance to edit…probably next week!

@Diane_Miller: Hi Diane,
At last I spent some time expanding the top and left sides of this image. I do think it looks good. Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions. I like this version!


So do I!! It will make an awesome print!!

That is gorgeous. Very Georgia O’Keefe-esque.