Fragrant Jasmine & Repost

It is fun to photography these little flowers while enjoying their lovely fragrance!

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any comments are welcome

What artistic feedback would you like if any? composition and anything else

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If the background has been replaced, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)Olympus OMD camera, 60mm macro lens, IS0 320, f5.0, 1/640. Tripod. Topaz Denoise AI

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Ooooohhh… I can smell the fragrance! I love the subtle diagonal, with the in-focus leaf in the LL leading up to the blooms, backed up by the softer one behind it. My only thought might be to do a subtle burn on that back leaf from the corner but not extending onto the in-focus leaf. It is lovely in its own right but that’s the problem – it pulls the eye a little too much toward the corner. Possibly the same for the leaf at the center of the top edge. But those are small issues for a gorgeous image!

A beautiful image Ann. I agree with Diane’s suggestions. If you use Lightroom, I would maybe even use a radial filter to encircle the flowers and slightly lower the exposure on everything around them. But I also agree that this is a minor issue - the image is also wonderful as it is. I especially like the diagonal created by the stem. Nice job!

Thank you Diane and Mark for your comments and suggestions! I will try both techniques and see how it goes.
Ann Louise

Pleasing image that also brings immediately to mind its lovely fragrance. Also agree with Diane’s suggestion to slightly darken the leaves that are behind the flowers. Thanks for posting.

Ann Louise, this is really a beautiful image. I agree with the comments. Wish you could have added the fragrance! :grinning:

Ann Louise
Gorgeous blooms and photo. I thought maybe it needed a little color correction so I quickly did some changes incorporating what the others suggested as to the leaves. I used a reverse radial filter in LR for the leaves and the erase brush to take off the darkness that strayed onto the flowers, radial filters for the centers of the flowers and a white balance adjustment, lowered the highlights generally and upped the whites. .
For what its worth :roll_eyes: :grinning:

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Kathy, I love your changes! Thank you for taking the time to do the edits and explain what you did. I will try to replicate these edits in addition to the other suggestions I have been working on. I especially like the yellow your technique brought out in the flower centers. It is so helpful to have everyone’s comments. There is nothing better than learning by doing!

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Thanks for adding your thoughts!

Shirley, you can’t imagine how sweet is the fragrance! It is such a bonus while photographing a flower! Thanks for commenting.

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What a great exercise in using LR filters! I also decided to eliminate the vertical leaf and I extended the canvas a bit on the top. I really like the increased contrast to highlight the white flowers. Thanks to everyone for all of the great suggestions and how-tos.
Ann Louise


Ann Louise: My apologies for being so late to this party but at least I get to see all the suggestions and modifications you’ve made. I like both your and Kathy’s reworks although the original is great raw material. Beautiful subject superbly captured and presented. >=))>

Thanks, Bill, for your comments!

Ann Louise, Lovely flowers, miss the fragrance. I like the original as it is, but the repost is better. I like the darkened background. Kathy’s repost has slightly reddish hue around the petals, so your repost is probably more true to the original flowers.

Ann Louise: better late than never. I really like your final re-post as it eliminates anything that would take one’s eye off the flowers as well as bringing out detail in the flowers. Ricard

Thank you Richard for your interesting comment!
Ann Louise