Dichotomy of one

Image Description

I have no idea what’s going on with this football sized rock on Lake Superior, but I loved the drastic change in texture and color. Plus the ice still present on the other rocks makes for a nice frame and some additional texture. So glad the ice wasn’t on the red rock or I’d have completely missed it. Any geologists in the house? The only thing I can think of is that it was buried up to that line and was literally scoured by grit. The effect is like a giant rock tumbler.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Oh this gave me fits both to frame on site and to process. The sun was just over the horizon so quite strong and unfiltered by a single cloud. So I did my best to manage that enormous dynamic range and to maximize the textures in post. How’s everything look? Cohesive?

Technical Details

Handheld while trying not to break an ankle or my neck - the whole beach is covered in these things!

Lr for a crop and managing all the luminosity so it didn’t look too weird. Topaz Sharpen to bring up detail which I enhanced with some Texture and Clarity in Lr on the second trip.


They are fascinating, Kris. I’d bet it wasn’t easy walking across a field of rocks this size. The contrast - highlights/shadow - look good for me. The ice crystals add nicely to the story.

A giant prehistoric petrified acorn? Strange indeed! And a worthy subject well-rendered. The light looks beautifully natural, maybe diffused. And I really like the slightly off-center composition.

Not sure I want to even think about walking over icy rocks that size. (And my favorite T-shirt says “I’m pretty confident my last words will be: Well, s…t. That didn’t work.”)

OK – it doesn’t say “s…t”. Got censored.

Thanks @linda_mellor & @Diane_Miller - it is a bit baffling isn’t it? Great t-shirt, too. I have a feeling my last words will be similar. And yeah, the platform doesn’t like the swearing. For a while there it wouldn’t even let me type jerk, but David reset it.

The ice eggs are pretty cool. Let me see if I can find another shot that shows more of them. Definitely treacherous.

Here’s a bit wider shot -

How in the world did you manage to walk across this field? . . . and with snow ice crystals to boot! . . .if anyone every gets a t-shirt that says: “I’m pretty confident my last words will be: Well, s…t. That didn’t work.”) I’m in!


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Perfect! Thanks, @Diane_Miller

Kristen, that is a fantastic image. But what is more amazing is the fact that you were able to traverse those rocks especially covered with ice to find this interesting composition with a very cool rock.

Diane, create that T-shirt and you can count me in for one. I believe that I have thought that exact thing a few times when I did something dumb.

Hey, thanks @horatio - the footing was a bit treacherous, but I didn’t have to walk that far so it was ok to just pick through them. I was photographing different rocks and looked down to find this right at my feet. It was such an unexpected sight. Glad you like it.

Hi Kris, :slight_smile:

Very interesting find!

It’s a little hard to tell the scale of this so your description of it being football size helps a lot.

Very neat how they’re all rounded and appear to have been “tumbled”.

I had a close look at the surface and to me, it looks like clear ice, left side being thick and right side being thin.
Since black ice is really just clear ice on a black road, does that mean that this is red ice :slight_smile:

The above is of course based on “IF” I’m right about it being ice!
I’m not saying anything for “sure” these days. :roll_eyes:

Nicely composed, BTW and I’m confident you were being safe footed! :slight_smile:
Nice title, too!