Different every day

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Always the same park near my home. But every day different.

Specific Feedback

All feedback is welcome

Technical Details

F11, 1/10 ,Iso 500, 24-120 at 56mm

Nice variations in green Ben, and I love the mystery of the fog and its beckoning brightness. For me though, the lower right corner doesn’t fit the rest of the image well.

Hi Ben,

I’ll echo John’s comments. Great job capturing the light and mystery with the distant fog. I also like the quality of light (your trade mark!) on the foreground vegetation. And even before John posted is comments, I was already looking at a crop to remove the lower right area. For me anyway, getting rid of the brigher green grass in that corner would be something to look at. Of course like all feedback, it’s all subjective.

WB is also subjective. Of course I wasn’t there so it’s again subjective feedback, but the WB of the fog and the upper half is slightly green/blue. Not necessarily an issue actually, just an observation.

I know what it is. No Haiku! That’s what’s missing! lol


@John_Williams . @Lon_Overacker . Thank you both. I learned a lot.