I was leaving Rocky Neck State Park when this Great Egret settled for a nap. The shot was taken on Oct. 29 at 11:00 AM.
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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, Canon 100-500mm & 1.4Ex, f10, 700mm,1/2000, -1.7EV, ISO 500. The shot is cropped by 20% and I adjusted the shadows, exposure and the grass with local control points in DXO Photo Lab 5.

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Good shot with nice whites. He’s saying OK that guy’s outa here and I can relax for a while.

A 2 deg CCW rotation straightened the “shoreline.” Both might have been on an angle enough to give the crooked look, but it looks much more believable to me after the rotation. His head shows some wind which would cause the grasses to be leaning.

Good detail in the heron and I like the environment. My only nit would be the eye.

Hi Peter, nice exposure and I like the contrast of the grass with the bird.

Hi Diane, Allen Brooks & Allen Sparks
Thank you for the comments. I chose this frame because the Egret was sleeping and had its’ eyes closed. Here is a full frame of the marsh and as you can see the reeds go off on an angle. I also posted the shot with a flattened reed angle.

I like the sleepy pose the egret has given you. He/she knows you are no threat. Whites have been handled very well and I love the environment you’ve captured. I like the image “straightened” out.

Very good, Peter. I like the Scene and composition a lot. Well done.